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What is Prongrand

Shanghai Prongrand Show Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Prongrand is an innovative R&D production enterprise. It has a 3,500m2 stage truss production line, a 4,000 m2 spray-molding workshop, a 3,000 m2 metal finishing center, and an enterprise-level R&D laboratory in Fengxian District, Shanghai.

we have several national registered first-level structural engineers, national registered civil engineers, automatic control engineers, senior engineers in the national performance industry, 2 skilled workers with Canadian welder certificates, and about 10 other senior welding engineers. We have strong product design and research and development capabilities, and plans to launch more than ten patented products each year (including national invention patents and national utility model patents); we pay attention to product quality, and the company has actively cooperated with the internationally renowned certification body TUV at the beginning of its establishment. Cooperation. The product category basically covers the lighting stage stand structure of indoor and outdoor exhibition engineering, performance engineering, film and television scene engineering, stadium fixed installation, etc.

We have fast and efficient design, development and production capacity, which not only can provide customers with map processing services. More to provide customers with consulting - design - customized production of integrated services.